This Harvard Life is about just that — this, Harvard, life! We share stories, in podcast form, about the people that make Harvard what it is and their experiences both on and off campus. In doing so, we hope to bring people together around the good, the bad, and the Harvard. We hope you’ll listen in and share your own stories.

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Who We Are

ruby_390Ruby Emberling is a junior living in Cafe Gato Rojo. She concentrates in not tripping when she walks, with a focus in awkward dining hall encounters. Ruby likes to spend her free time dipping her paddle into (the) Charles and picking things up and putting them back down. Ruby apologizes for her vocal fry, but asks that you try to love it as much as her mother claims to.

wynne_390Wynne Muscatine Graham is the resident dream interpreter in Currier house. She studies the epistemological correlation between wearing Seeds of Peace sweatshirts everywhere and being single. Incidentally, she enjoys long walks on the beach and candle lit dinners. Wynne subsists on a diet of rainbows and butterflies. But only sustainable butterflies.

kelly_390Kelly McGee is a junior who embodies the term “Dunster Funster.” Kelly’s hobbies include imitating garden gnomes, being mistaken as Canadian, and recently, investigating the latest trends in pet fashion. Her good friends call her Tarzan, but you can call her…hmm…prone to walking into arboreal objects. Or just Kelly.

ali_390Ali Reed is a junior FTW concentrator. She hears all the coolest people are in Winthrop, but hasn’t gotten conclusive anecdotal evidence on that yet. Eventually, Ali hopes to secure a post-grad fellowship as Steve Pinker’s personal hair stylist, like her dad has always wanted. Her artistic influences include prancercising, Easter eggs, and that one kid who’s always sleeping in lamont.